Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pandora News Round Up for July 2015

The place of now brings my monthly Pandora news roundup, featuring all of the important points on what is coming up for July 2015! Included are some updates to the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 set, some information on forthcoming promotions and a few of AW15 live pictures.: D

pandora pre fall pets bracelet

The highlight is going to be the start of the next group of Pandora in the end of the month, however there are a few interesting promotions. Read on for some Jurassic World inspiration, and a summary of the key dates of this month also.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 Set Release

The largest occasion of July is definitely the launch of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 group, which will be due out on the 30th global! It features pets two primary topics and traveling, each of which are certain to be popular with collectors.


Nevertheless, it's not recorded in the North American catalog, therefore I guess it'll not be released there for whatever motive. I've seen it listed in catalogs for other areas, including those for Russia, Asia and Europe.

I'd have favored this charm with perhaps some soft pastel enamel detailing or simply something a bit more colourful while it is adorable!

Eventually, we've got a live picture of the newest Pre Autumn pet charms to whet your appetite from the fab charm for the group, courtesy of Jahndra. Take a look at her post here for a fantastically in-depth review of the newest Pre Autumn pieces plus some close up photos of all the newest charms pictured below! : D
Picture by MyXpressions.net - please don't copy without credit

While the food bowls may also be quite adorable, I especially adore the design of the Dedicated Dog portrait charms as well as the Curious Cat!

Pandora Fall/Winter 2015 Live Photos

For in-depth previews of a few of the newest pieces please the Winter 2015 set here as well as see my place on the Fall 2015 selection here.

In this one, it is possible to get a feel for a few of the lovely rings coming out in the very best half of the image for AW15; the newest Winter 2015 pieces, while the second half showcases.
pandora fall winter 2015

Picture by love_ru

This image, in contrast, shows a few of the newest Fall 2015 pieces off; alongside a number of the new 14kt gold and purple-coloured jewellery, you are able to view the newest Bewitching Rouge murano in the base of the image.
pandora fall winter 2015

Picture by Glamour Russia

Eventually, this live opportunity provides an excellent sneak peek in the brand new feather sections in the Fall 2015 group - the ring is especially stunning!
pandora fall 2015

Picture by styleitup.cat

A 3-for-2 rings promo will probably be running in the 2nd -1 2th July - I 'll post additional information on that tomorrow!: D


I'll tell you if/when I hear anything definite on this!

You can find additionally Pandora summer sales running in various areas now - it is worth checking your variant of Pandora.net to find out what your state is offering. :)

Lastly, I believed it was worth saying Pandora's recent association using the Jurassic World film that was very popular. A post lately appeared about the Jurassic World website promotion a Pandora shop that appears in the film, which tantalisingly suggests at 'one of a kind' Pandora items.

Unfortunately, these pieces are completely fictional and only portion of the PR accompanying the movie. ;) My OH, on the other hand, did not even see! The time to maintain your eye out is correct in the conclusion of the movie in the ultimate climactic battle.

pandora jewellery jurassic world tie in

While the 'Mosasaurus pendant' may not be real, there's definitely the adorable retired Pandora Dinosaur charm rather. It had been discontinued back in 2011 and continues to be a pretty sought after bit ever since. I shot these images a number of years ago (over annually!) It appears to be a suitable stage to trot them out, although to get a post that I never got finished. I 'd definitely recommend it, if you're able to get hold of one -the Dinosaur is just one of the classic in-depth silver charms, down to his huge feet and spiny tail of Pandora. He is really adorable as well as a good little cuddlier in relation to the dinosaurs in the movie. ;)

Dinosaur symbol was retired by pandora

My Opinion

Therefore, while July is another more quiet month in the Pandora world, I'm still becoming excited by the end of July only for the start of the Pre Autumn set! I especially enjoy the portrait pet that is sweet charms, as well as some excellent detailing is offered by the newest black enamel Sentimental Shots.

Have you been excited for the start of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 set?

Source: https://morapandora.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/pandora-news-round-up-for-july-2015/

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